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Stanley Cup

Jiri Fischer a Father?!?!

"Woman seeks support from Fischer

August 15, 2002


As Red Wings defenseman Jiri Fischer celebrates with the Stanley Cup in the Czech Republic this week, the mother of his seven-month-old son awaits a final decision in the couple's paternity suit in Oakland County Circuit Court.

According to court documents, a paternity test established that Fischer, 22, is the biological father of a son born Jan. 26.

The mother, Alexis Ann Simmons, 18, of Commerce Township and her attorney, Todd Weiss, are seeking $1,215 a week in child support.

Last month, Judge Elizabeth Pezzetti issued a temporary order for Fischer to pay Simmons $750 a week. Fischer makes about $1 million a year. A final ruling could be made on Sept. 10 in Pezzetti's court in Pontiac.

Fischer's attorney, Barry Fayne, did not return a phone call seeking comment on Wednesday. "

that article is from! i cant believe it! its just so weird. but theres two sides to every story so who knows actually what happened! we'll just have to wait and see wont we??
Well besides that not much is going on. I got my Darren McCarty Pictures back!!! im soooo happy they turned out great! anyways you can see them at and they are pages 4-6! hope you enjoy! oh yeah, i got some wedding pictures back so if you want to see them just email me and i will send them to you! well thats it for right now! Late!
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